Thursday, February 03, 2011

Numb-ber 25

Just squeaking by to make it in time for the Ve-Low Winter Wonderland Gala, Issue #25:

--Martha and Dave story re-live their experience riding from way up there to way down here. Reading this will either make you want to get out on a three month tour or make your butt really, really hurt - or maybe a little of both.

--We try, and fail, at interviewing Brodersen.

--Godfrey on the lunacy of the indoor sprints.

--Wills on his annual Fruita mancation.

--Music, mayhem and more!

Subscriptions are $15 for one year and that gets you 5 issues...and a sticker!

Or you can buy single issues which are $3.50ppd. Paypal to or send $$$ to: 3820 Worthington Av. Lincoln, NE 68502

Subscriptions outside the US are $25 (and you still get that sticker) and single issues are $5.50ppd paid by the same method(s) as subscriptions.

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