Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Issue #14 now available.

Contents include:

---An interview with Lincoln rocker/rider/skater/moto man Jon Taylor
---The CVO Mexico invasion continues
---Learn how to build your own bike stand
---Cornbread on the thrill of the commute!
---Music and more....

Subscriptions are $15 for one year and that gets you 5 issues...and a sticker!

Paypal to thad6000@hotmail.com or send $$$ to:

PO Box 85783
Lincoln NE 68501-5783

Subscriptions outside the US are $25 (and you still get that sticker).
Or you can buy single issues which are $3.50ppd paid by the same method(s) as subscriptions


rokdad said...

Best issue evah!

gravy said...

MWC needs a refill.


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