Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Issue #10 is here, and here to stay. Bonsall shares his experience on this years TransIowa destruction. Wills on the Kanza. Skip on the Branched Oak 12 hour. It's the race issue- and we didn't even know it. Toth has a car vs. bike challenge. Who wins? Music, merriment, madness and much, much more. Yes-sir-ree- get the goods now!

$3.50ppd- Paypal to thad6000@hotmail.com or send $$$ to PO Box 85783 Lincoln NE 68501-5783. For orders outside the US- add $3.

BUT- what you really should do is Subscribe! BAM!!! $15 via the methods described above will get 5 fresh issues from my mailbox to yours. $25 for the same deal if you live outside the US of A. I’ll even include a sticker if you subscribe. Don't deny it.

1 comment:

thad said...

Issue #11 should be done in the next couple of days. Report on the 2007 installment of RAGBRAI, Cornbread's installment of his and his crew's Wilber Czech Festival Ride, a write up on the Salsa Chili Con Crosso, music and more.


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