Thursday, March 02, 2006

Issue #3 now available. Interview w/ Hurl Everstone, destination Austin, TX, music and more. $3 ppd to PO Box 85783 Lincoln, NE 68501-5783 or contact for paypal instructions.

I still have a couple copies of issues #1 and #2 available. #1 has a write-up on the 2005 Homie Fall Fest and a review of the Salsa Dos Niner and music of course. #2 has a pictorial spread of the Lincoln 'cross season, an interview w/ CVO and more music. $3 ppd each punk.


head floor sweeper said...

buyem in person at the shop.

we have a few left.

plus a full run of shirts.

thanks Thad.

thad said...

yeah- they're cheaper @ the shop- no postage.

len said...

i'm gonna git me a plane ticket up to lincoln so I can save my self some hard earned money on that postage. damn usps, once you didn't have to pay one nut nomore you think postal rates would go down.

3p0 said...

when does #4 come out?

thad said...

in a month or so.


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